Sunday morning Ministry Teams

It is our goal to have every member serving on a ministry team at Sojourn, but you do not have to be a member to serve. Anyone who considers Sojourn their church home is invited and encouraged to serve. Serving is a key way we grow in our relationship with God,  get to know others, and invest in our mission of seeing everything around us transformed by the gospel. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to express interest in serving at Sojourn. 

Children's Ministry

The Sojourn Children's Ministry aims to love and serve children  by providing a safe and fun environment for age-appropriate learning. This is also a huge service and blessing to parents, because this ministry allows parents to be more fully engaged in our worship gathering. Are you willing and able to hold newborns, play with toddlers, sing with 4 year-olds, or teach a Bible story to third graders? Come and serve God by serving children. It is our goal for volunteers to serve a maximum of once per month. The more volunteers we have, the closer we come to achieving and surpassing this goal.

Classroom Positions
Each classroom will have at least one adult leader and one assistant leader.

  • Newborns: Spend time holding and crawling around with Sojourn's youngest.

  • Toddlers: Safety and playing hard are the two main focuses for this classroom.

  • Pre-K: Sing, color, share a Bible story, and do other activities with these 3-5 year-olds.

  • 1st-3rd: Play games, sing, and focus on a BIble story with first through third graders.

Main Responsibilities

  • Arrive at 9:30 AM for the Children's Ministry huddle.

  • Help parents check-in and check-out their children before and after the worship gathering.

  • Play. Teach. Serve snacks. Sing. Have fun.


Children's Ministry Guest Relations Team

The Children's Ministry Guest Relations Team is responsible for greeting visiting families with young children at the Children's Ministry Check-in Table. Each Sunday, we hope to have two volunteers at the Check-in Table to assist new families with finding the appropriate classroom and getting their children checked-in. A positive and welcoming experience with children's ministry check-in can make a huge impact on a first-time visitor. We want every person and family to know they are welcomed and valuable. 

Main Responsibilities

  • Arrive at 9:30 AM for the Children's Ministry huddle.

  • Show up to the Children's Ministry Sign-in Table at 9:40 AM (20 minutes before the worship gathering begins).

  • Greet visitors, introduce yourself, create name tags for new children, and walk the families to the classroom.

Hospitality Ministry

We desire all who walk in the door on a Sunday morning to feel valued, cared for, and welcomed. The Hospitality Ministry is typically the first impression of Sojourn that a visitor will have. It is our goal for volunteers to serve a maximum of once per month. The more volunteers we have, the closer we come to achieving and even surpassing this goal. 


  • Front Entrance Greeter: Stand at the front entrance. Greet all who enter with a smile!

  • Auditorium Door Greeter: Stand outside the auditorium door. Greet and welcome each person into the auditorium with a smile!

  • Hospitality Table Server: Stand behind the table and help people get donuts, coffee, and water. Greet each person with a smile!

  • Middle of Lobby Greeter: Stand beside the welcome sign and greet all who come in, specifically making yourself available to guests to answer any questions they may have.

  • Coffee Runner: Move between the kitchen area and the Hospitality Table. Replenish coffee and other supplies as needed.

Main Responsibilities

  • Arrive at 9 AM.

  • Set-up the hospitality ministry area from 9 AM - 9:30 AM.

  • Welcome visitors and regulars

  • Clean and/or break down the hospitality area after the service.

Sound Ministry

Without sound we have no service, or at best we have a very quiet one. Would you like to be a part of serving the congregation by setting up and running sound? Are you skilled and experienced on a sound board? If not, are you willing to learn and be trained?

Main Responsibilities

  • Show up at 8 AM to help set up the sound board and stage with the musicians.

  • Run sound during the sound check and the worship gathering.

  • Break down the sound equipment after the service.

Desired Qualities/Skills

     Having "a good ear" is a helpful skill if you desire to run sound. Experience is also beneficial, but not required. If you are a beginner and are willing to work hard, we are willing to help you learn to set-up and run the sound board.  

Media Team

Our services are enhanced by the use of lyrics projected on the screen, the use of videos, and other uses of media. Would you be a part of helping the church engage in worship through the use of multi-media?

Team Positions

  • Media Technician: Use the computer during the service to change song lyrics, project the sermon outline, and play videos.

  • Camera Operator: Record the service by running the video camera.

  • Lighting Technician: Control the stage and auditorium lights.

Main Responsibilities

  • Arrive at 9 AM and set up the media stations.

  • Work your specific position during the service.

  • Break down the media equipment after the service.


Are you skilled musically? Do you have a passion for helping others focus on the gospel through music? Our Sojourn Band leads our congregation in worship each Sunday through gospel-centered and theologically rich songs. We sing old hymns, contemporary worship songs, and Sojourn originals. 

Main Responsibilities

  • Attend band practice on Wednesday evening once or twice per month, depending on the instrument and scheduling.

  • Show up on the Sundays you are serving at 8 AM to help set up the stage and do a run through.

  • Lead the congregation in musical worship as a band during the service.

  • Help breakdown the stage and pack up after the service.

Scripture REading Team

Are you a good reader or public speaker? We are looking for those that have a passion for God's word and read with passion and emotion. We need one scripture reader each Sunday. The preacher communicates to the reader during the week what scripture will be read. As part of the worship service, the scripture reader reads the scripture into the microphone and prays for God to work powerfully through the preaching of the Word. 

Usher Team

If you are dependable and would like to serve during the Sunday service, being an usher may be a great sport for you to serve. 

Main Responsibilities

  • Move up and down the aisles and pass the buckets to collect the giving during the reflection time during the service.

  • One usher counts the number of people in the auditorium during the sermon.

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