Initial Next Steps Moving Forward

Last Sunday, Pastor Ryan announced his resignation as Lead Pastor. Although that was tough news, we were very encouraged by the worship service and your responses after the service and throughout this week. Singing “It Is Well With My Soul” and “On Christ The Solid Rock I Stand” was a powerful experience for our church family. After the service and throughout the week many have contacted us to express support, ask questions, and assure us that the team is being covered in prayer. Thank you so much!

What is the current leadership structure?

We have four active pastors on our elder team. Each pastor is leading on different tasks and assignments that come out of the elder meetings. We are working daily and meeting together at least weekly during this season.

Pastor Jason Clements is currently inactive in his status as pastor. Last November, in preparation for the birth of his fifth child, he decided to become inactive to focus on family life. The pastoral team supported and still supports him in this decision. Although Jason C. is still inactive, he has agreed to become more involved with the elder team during this transition. The best way way to think about Jason C.’s involvement is that his status is inactive, but he is involved with the elder team as an advisor and consultant. Jason C. has been with Sojourn from the very beginning, and the elder team values his insight, experience, and wisdom. Jason C.’s goal, and the hope of the pastoral team, is that Jason will serve as an active elder in the future.

Who will be preaching?

The plan is for Pastor Ryan to preach the next three Sundays. His last Sunday preaching will be April 9. Pastor Jason Berl will preach on April 16 (Easter Sunday). You can expect Pastor Jason B. to preach regularly and for us to bring in guest preachers as well. We are reaching out to people we know and trust and trying to fill the preaching schedule for the next several months.

For the last few months, we have been preaching through the book of Colossians. We will discontinue that series. We desire to give Pastor Ryan the freedom to preach what he desires for the next three weeks. We also will not expect guest preachers to preach our sermon series. We will give them the freedom to preach whatever biblical text they are currently studying or the text they desire to preach.

If you have any questions, feel free to email or email a pastor directly at [FirstNameLastName] We love you, and we are excited about how God is working in and through all of us who are Sojourn Church.

The Pastors of Sojourn

Jason Kirkland
Jason Berl
Lee Wright
Josh Maloy