Pastor Ryan Resigns As Lead Pastor Of Sojourn Church

This morning was a very significant and emotional morning for our church family. Pastor Ryan announced his resignation as Lead Pastor of Sojourn Church. The video that was shown during the gathering and a letter from the Pastors of Sojourn are below.


Dear Sojourn Family,

First, we would like to express how incredibly thankful we are for Pastor Ryan. He has been with Sojourn since the beginning, for about five and a half years. He has provided sound leadership and excellent preaching that God has used in significant ways. He has poured himself out, and he and his family have made many sacrifices for Sojourn. Now, for the good of his family, himself, and our church, he has decided to step down.

We love Ryan and his family deeply. We have asked questions, listened, and prayed with Ryan. We believe that Ryan has earnestly sought scriptural truths, pursued wisdom through counsel, and asked for the Spirit’s guidance leading to his decision.

Since learning of Ryan’s decision, we have each had a wide range of thoughts, questions, and emotions. This is normal and expected, as it is part of the grief process.  Ryan has had a profound influence on each of us and many of you, and dealing with his absence will carry a sense of loss. We expect that you will go through the same grieving process that we have begun. It has been extremely helpful for us to work through that process with each other, with reasonableness, and with grace.

As a pastoral team, we believe that God is still working in and through Sojourn Church. With Ryan’s resignation, some changes are inevitable. The most important things will not change. Our mission is still to see the gospel transform everything around us - ourselves, our families, our church, our city, and the world. We are still committed to our core values, which are gospel centrality, missional intentionality, and authentic community. We still believe that God is in control, God is faithful, God is good, and God is near.

We would like to ask you to continue to do what you have been doing. We are still the church. Jesus is our Head, and we are the body (Eph. 5:23; Col. 1:18). Please continue to attend our Sunday gatherings. We ask you to continue to serve in your ministry teams. Continue to be a part of your community group. Dive deeper into community rather than pulling away during this time of transition. Please continue to give financially to support what God is doing and will do through Sojourn. Pray for your pastoral team and our families. We are working diligently to seek God’s wisdom and to make important decisions.

We expect that you will have questions, and we want to answer them the best we can. We will do our best to communicate clearly as decisions are being made. Our primary methods of communication will be email newsletters (sign up at and announcements during our Sunday gatherings that we will then post on our Sojourn Church Facebook page. Please feel free to email any questions you have to or email a pastor directly at [FirstNameLastName]

As Pastors of Sojourn, we are together and unified. We are grieving loss, and we are excited about the future. We love Sojourn Church, and we desire to serve and lead for years and years to come. May God comfort us with His presence, and may we be amazed by His grace, faithfulness, and power during this season. We love you.

The Pastoral Team of Sojourn Church


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