Why Sojourn Church Cochran?

The launch of Sojourn Church Cochran has almost arrived. Many of us are busy making final preparations and are filled with nervous excitement as we dream about what God is going to do in Cochran.

In the midst of all the busyness and excitement, it’s important to remember the big picture. In particular, it’s important to remember the “why?” behind the “what?” Why are we doing this? Why are we working so passionately toward the goal of having a Sojourn Church campus in Cochran?

These are important questions. And these questions require clear and compelling answers. Below, I want to summarize a few of the main reasons that we are working so hard to plant Sojourn Cochran. Remembering why we are doing this will help us stay focused and motivated, especially when things get difficult.

Reason #1 – Our Mission

The mission of Sojourn Church is “to see the gospel transform everything around us – ourselves, our families, our church, our city, and the world.” Inherent in this mission is our commitment to seeing the gospel expand beyond any one location. We want to see the gospel transform Warner Robins, but we do not want to stop there. We also want to see the gospel transform Cochran and beyond.

One way that we fulfill our mission of gospel expansion is through church planting. The DNA of Sojourn Church is infused with church planting passion. In fact, the reason that Sojourn Church exists today is because several years ago, New City Church in Macon, not any larger than Sojourn Church is right now, was committed to seeing the gospel expand beyond Macon and into Warner Robins. New City Church Macon sacrificed much to see the gospel expand into Warner Robins, and all of us who are enjoying being a part of Sojourn Church are blessed because of their commitment to a mission of gospel expansion.

Reason #2 – God’s Providence

A couple years ago, God sent a family from Cochran to be a part of Sojourn Church. Since that time, God has sent many more families from Cochran who have become covenant members of Sojourn Church. The covenant members of Sojourn Church that live in Cochran have many family members and friends that also live in Cochran. Many of these family members and friends are very interested in Sojourn Church, but they are not willing to leave the city where they live in order to attend Sunday gatherings in Warner Robins. Our missional DNA, mentioned above, demands that we bring the church to Cochran rather than expecting for people in Cochran to come to us.

Sojourn Church did not set out to plant a campus in Cochran. But in God’s providence, this opportunity has come to us. God has given Sojourn Church, without any intentional effort of our own, several families who love Cochran and live in Cochran. God has provided clear evidence that there are many more in Cochran that want to be a part of something like Sojourn Church. It seems obvious enough that the next step is Sojourn Cochran.

Reason #3 – The Elder Team’s Sense of God’s Leading

The Sojourn Church Elder Team has spent many hours over the last several months praying for wisdom and clarity. We believe that God has answered our prayers and we are humbly convinced that God is calling us to step out in faith and plant Sojourn Cochran. Yes, there is some risk involved. Anything that has a potential for high reward always involves a level of calculated risk. But we, the Elder Team, believe that God is calling us to do this. Indeed, we are excited about what God is going to do, what he is going to teach us, and how he is going to cause the gospel to transform many in Bleckely County and beyond.

Final Word

Buckle up, Sojourn Church! The journey is just beginning. Join us in praying that God would do something so magnificent in Cochran and in Warner Robins that no human being can take credit for it. The best is yet to come.

Pastor Ryan