A Family Announcement - eliminating the "break" from our Sunday gatherings

Sojourn Family,

Beginning next Sunday, March 15th, we will no longer have the 5-minutes “break” as a portion of our Sunday worship gathering. There are several reasons why we believe this change is best. Below are a couple of the main reasons:

1)   Removing the break will allow the service to flow better – One of the biggest problems with the break is that it interrupts the flow of the worship gathering. The service sometimes feels like riding in a manual shift car with someone who is just trying to learn it – jerk, stop, start again, stop – you get the picture. Removing the break will hopefully eliminate some of the flow-interruption that the break has caused.

2)   Removing the break will allow us to add a time of reflective giving and a time of special music – We want to add a time for intentional, reflective giving and heart preparation for the sermon. Currently, we offer an encouragement toward giving followed immediately by a break that tends to be less than reflective. We hope that this more intentional time of giving (which will involve passing buckets in the worship auditorium) and reflective preparation of our hearts for the sermon through music will add an important element to our worship gathering and help foster gospel transformation.

For those who utilize the break as a time to take you children to Sojourn Kids, you can still utilize this time of reflection and giving to do so if you desire.

Pastor Ryan