Update on Land and Future Facilities of Sojourn Church

It’s been too long since we have updated about where things stand with the land and potential future facilities for Sojourn Church. If you are unfamiliar with the land off of Veterans Memorial Parkway or want to know a little more of the back story, check out past blog posts available by clicking here and here.  Below is a brief update about where things currently stand.

We have been in a holding pattern, prayerfully asking God to cause a portion of the land on the Interstate side of Veterans Memorial Parkway to sell so that the Friends of Lydia LLC, which owns the property, could move forward with building an event center that would be used by Sojourn Church. We are still prayerfully asking God to do that, as well as exploring other potential options. We hope to be able to tell you more about this side of things at our next Partners meeting that will be scheduled for some time in October.

Even as we wait and explore options, however, positive movement has been made. First, the City of Warner Robins is extending the sewer lines down the property. This is a huge and important step for future development. Second, Flint Energies is extending power lines down the property, another huge and important step for future development. There is movement in a positive direction that is happening out at the property, all of which is necessary for a future campus of Sojourn Church.

In the meantime, what can you be doing? Below are three ways that you can be actively involved in the process.

1.     Pray – Ultimately, God is the one who must bring all this about. He has already done so much to get us to this point, and I am confident that he will continue to lead us and provide for us in the future. Our desire is to have facilities in the future that we believe will allow us to better love and serve our community and fulfill our mission of seeing the gospel transform everything around us (for more about the benefits to having our own facility, click here). So let’s ask God to provide these things and to give us wisdom as we proceed.

2.     Give – This project will take resources. As God leads you, continue to give faithfully to Sojourn Church and consider giving a special gift to the Building Fund. Information about giving to the building fund is available by clicking here.

3.     Live on Mission – The more we grow as a church, the more pressing our need for our own facility will become. And the more we grow as a church, the more resources we will have to act on our vision for the future. The primary way that Sojourn Church will grow is by you and me living as missionaries, inviting people to experience what God is doing at Sojourn and, most importantly, inviting them into a personal relationship with Jesus.