Update On Land/Future Site of Sojourn Church Facilities!

A couple months ago, while listening to a sermon preached at Sojourn Church from Acts 16, God led a couple to do something pretty outlandish in order to be a blessing to Sojourn Church. Similar to how God led Lydia in Acts 16 to use her blessings to be a blessing to the new church in Philippi, God led this couple to initiate the process of purchasing 73 acres of land off of Veterans Memorial Parkway here in Warner Robins in order to be a blessing to Sojourn Church (you can read the original post telling this story by clicking here).

I am excited to announce that last week the land deal was finally completed and the Friends of Lydia, LLC (isn't that name awesome?!) now own that 73 acres of land! Now that the land has been purchased, we excitedly and prayerfully look forward to what God has in store for us. Moving forward, here are three practical ways you can join in on what God is doing.

1. Pray. Pray for God to grant wisdom and provide the resources necessary to move forward. The next phase is for an event center to be built on the property. This event center will be built with Sojourn Church in mind, a place that would be great for our Sunday gatherings, office space, and other events as desired.

2. Give. Your sacrificial giving to Sojourn Church is essential to our mission "to see the gospel transform everything around us - ourselves, our families, our church, our city, and the world." Thank you to all of you who already give sacrificially to Sojourn. Your gifts are being used by God to help advance our mission. 

3. Go. I encourage you to go and drive the property. If you travel down Watson Blvd toward the Interstate, Veterans Memorial Parkway will be on your left before you reach the interstate. The property begins as soon as you turn onto Veterans off of Watson and extends approximately .7 miles down Veterans Parkway, both sides of the road. The graphic below may prove helpful for some of you. As you ride the property, I encourage you to pray for God's wisdom, grace, and blessing and to thank Him for what he has already done and what He's going to do.

Property Map