Several reasons to be excited about having our own facilities

God is doing some pretty incredible things at Sojourn Church. As I shared last week, we have been offered an opportunity to build facilities in a very strategic location in Warner Robins (click here to read last week's post explaining this opportunity). We have already started a building fund (click here to visit the Building Fund Page) and we are excitedly dreaming about the future. 

To be clear, the mission of Sojourn Church is not to get facilities. However, having facilities where we can host gatherings and seek to bless our community will, we believe, help us to advance our mission to “see the gospel transform everything around us – ourselves, our families, our church, our city, and the world.”

Below are just a few of the most obvious practical and missional advantages of having our own facilities:

1. Having our own facilities will allow us to stop doing setup and breakdown every week. 

2. Having our own facilities will allow us to bless our community and other organizations in various ways. For example, if we had our own facilities we could potentially:

            A. Allow community organizations to use our facilities for events/meetings

            B. Build a playground that is open to the community to use and enjoy

C. Create walking trails (this particular property is rather large) that are open to the community to use and enjoy

3. Having our own facilities will allow us to do things during the week or on Sunday evenings that might prove beneficial. For example:         

            A. Once a month, elder-led prayer gatherings

B. Training classes (How to Study your Bible, Parenting, Money Management, etc.).

C. Partnership class

D. Parents night out

E. Recovery groups

F. A Sojourn Church counseling center

4. Having our own facilities in a strategic location would allow us the opportunity to host regional or even national gatherings/events for other organizations (adoption ministries, church planting organizations, etc.) that are committed to seeing the gospel advanced and applied. Investing in other gospel-loving organizations is another way of furthering our mission to see the gospel transform everything around us and could have Kingdom implications far beyond Middle Georgia.

5. In our context, more people are likely to visit a function of Sojourn Church and, therefore, be exposed to the gospel message that we proclaim if we have our own facilities.

The future of Sojourn Church is filled with exciting possibilities. But, when dreaming about the future the most exciting element is this - having our own facilities will likely allow us to influence even more people with the gospel. That alone is worth dreaming about and is cause for great excitement!