Exciting News for the Future of Sojourn Church!

Several weeks ago, we kicked-off our newest sermon series called “Transformed – A Study of Philippians.” In the first sermon of the series we spent time in Acts 16 and looked at the beginnings of the church in Philippi. We learned about God opening the heart of a woman named Lydia, a wealthy businesswoman, to hear and believe the gospel preached by the Apostle Paul. We also learned how God then led Lydia to help this young community of believers launch into the healthy church it eventually became.

In his gracious providence, God used that sermon to stir up something in the hearts of a couple that listened to it. This couple, feeling led by the Holy Spirit, approached the elders of Sojourn Church and expressed a desire to help us in our quest to secure future, permanent facilities. Of course, we were very interested to learn more. After several conversations and meetings things have progressed well and we believe that God is at work in this situation.

Currently, this couple is in the process of purchasing 73 acres of land off of Veterans Memorial Parkway here in Warner Robins (this is the road that runs parallel to Interstate 75 and connects Russell Parkway and Watson Blvd – where Groome Transportation is located). We believe that this is an excellent, strategic location for the future facilities of Sojourn Church.

Below are a few more details as best we know them right now. As always in life and ministry, these things are subject to change. 

1. Sojourn Church is not purchasing the land. This couple is purchasing the land and, led by the Holy Spirit, intends to give us at least a portion of the land to build future facilities.

2. At some point in the future, hopefully in the near future, though detailed timelines are impossible to predict at the moment, this couple plans to build an event center on the property. The purpose of this center will be to host meetings, weddings, etc.

This center will also be built with Sojourn Church in mind, a place that we can begin meeting on Sunday’s and, as needed and available, at other times during the week. It is also the current plan that the church offices will be at the event center. Once this event center is built, Sojourn Church will stop leasing the movie theater and the off-site office space and reallocate those resources to begin leasing the event center.

3. As we dream about the future, the plan is to only meet in the event center until we are in a financial position to move forward with building our own facility. Therefore, we are starting a building fund. The purpose of this fund is to begin raising the resources we will need to build a facility on the property at some point in the future. For more information about how you can give to the building fund visit the Building Fund Page.

In Summary, the mission of Sojourn Church is not to get a building or have nice facilities. However, having facilities where we can host gatherings and be a blessing to the community will, we firmly believe, help us to advance our mission to “see the gospel transforming everything around us – ourselves, our families, our church, our city, and the world.”

We are cautiously excited about the future, thankful for the apparent grace that God is sending our way, and dreaming big about what’s to come. Again, all of this is subject to change and we cannot know for sure if any of this will ultimately come to fruition. But it sure seems like God is opening doors for Sojourn Church, and we want to be faithful to walk through them and see what He might have in store for us.

Rejoicing in His Grace,

Pastor Ryan